Can New CRM Startups Redefine the Sales Pipeline for Managers?

Jason StevensCRM, Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline Getscorecard

The problem it seems for many small businesses and larger companies, is the tension between time spent on forecasting versus monitoring the actual heath of your sales pipeline, which can mean the gain or loss of an extra 14% in revenue according to Forbes Magazine. Further, surveys by the Sales Management Association reveal that less than a third of companies … Read More

Are Health Scores the New Nirvana in Cloud CRMs?

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Customer Health Score in GetScorecard

The right information too late is useless, a fundamental reason why CRM software has assumed mandatory positions in large corporations over the last 20 years, and why small businesses continue to adopt it at ever increasing rates. CRM software loosely holds the promise of company-wide reporting to keep managers at every level informed about sales performance and what steps need … Read More

Five Ways A CRM Can Reduce Manager Stress at Sales Meetings

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Stressed out Sales Manager

The net result is sales staff spends less time selling and more time reporting, ultimately leading to lower sales. While these conditions may not disrupt an enterprise with bigger pockets, a small business can literally fold overnight if this situation persists. Patrick McCarthy, the founder of GetScorecard, experienced this first-hand during a decade-long rise through the cloud hosting industry as … Read More