Sales Automation

Keeping you sales team focused on the correct tasks is a challenge. With Sales Task Automation you can set up automated processes that ensure follow-ups are made, literature is sent, contacts are updated and customers are contacted regularly to maintain good customer relations.Sales Task Automation

Sales automated tasks can be set by Tags, Product Category, Product and Health Score.


  1. If the Health Score of an account drops below 80% set a task for the account to be contacted by the account manager.
  2. Set a task so that the accounts with Key Account tag are contacted once every 3 months, but a large account to be contact once every month..
  3. If a customer buys Product X, set a task that documentation should be emailed to them.

It is also worth mentioning that we have a separate module which is standard Auto Tasking.  This module is focused on more general activities such as what to do when a new contact is created, opportunities are created, a specific product is purchased or a customer value is changed.

Sales auto tasking is a hugely valuable tool and the fact that it is fully automated ensures that there is always that extra eye on your customer base.