Sales Scorecard

Our sales scorecard is what makes this system truly different.  GetScorecard is truly not just another sales CRM system.  The sales scorecard was designed and developed by Patrick McCarthy, a sales director with more than a decades worth of sales experience.* Sales Scorecard Dashboard

“Being able to track performance, manage your sales process end to end and manage tasks all in a single view is the reason sales people love GetScorecard” —  Patrick McCarthy


The Sales scorecard is not only important to the sales people that use it, but also to the sales manager and management.  Imagine not having to do any preparation for the weekly or monthly 1-2-1 sales meeting?  Simply schedule the meeting and review the sales scorecard during the course of the meeting.

We have an activity widget which tracks all sales activity and displays the results in a graph format.  This means you can identify the activities of your top performers and use this as training to improve your overall sales process.  These are just the types of tools that make GetScorecard a Proactive and simple CRM.

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* To find out more about Patrick, please take a look at his LinkedIn Profile.