Sales Process

GetScorecard  is more than a CRM system, it is a full sales management system built on a sales process that closes sales faster and more often.sales-process-diagram

GetScorecard simplifies business by taking the key functions of sales and customer management, creating an easy to read scorecard for each which gives you a snapshot of your company’s performance.

Customer Health Scores combined with alerts ensures increased Customer retention by notifying your team when a health score drops allowing immediate action to be taken.

GetScorecard is designed to be easy to use without any technical knowledge. Hosted in the cloud and accessible from any web browser or mobile phone, you are always connected to your customers.

Our business toolset gives you valuable insights that will improve your sales team performance and have your finger on the pulse of your customers health.

The system allows you to accept leads, qualify them, convert them to opportunities and manage them through the pipeline to conclusion. Automated tasks ensure your sales team are taking the right action at the right stage of the process to close the sale.  Each step of the lifecycle can be customized to match your sales processes.

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