Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities are an integral part of any sales process and this is no different with GetScorecard.

We have some standard field types already created, such as Order Type, Opportunity Value, Expect Close and Follow-up Dates, Opportunity Status which is linked to Probability, Source and Owner.  You can add as many custom fields to Opportunities as you like.

Opportunities can also be tagged to help you manage your pipeline.  In addition to this, we have a drag and drop pipeline manager tool to make managing your opportunities through their sales life-cycle.

As with all our modules there are a set number of sub tabs so that you are able to add Notes, Calendar items, Files and  Tasks.  You also have  a timeline which tracks all changes to any record and this ensures absolute transparency amongst all teams.

GetScorecard takes sales opportunities one step further than most CRM’s.  We have a sophisticated product catalogue which means you can build detailed quotations and adds to your reporting capabilities.  This helps not only sales, but also product and marketing managers, should you company have them.  Another added benfit is you can then create targets and commission plans on product profit and not just on gross sales revenue.  You can also target on the specific sale of product types and categories.

GetScorecard CRM Opportunities Set Up