Sales Goals & Targets

A huge part of sales performance management is setting Sales Goals & Targets.  As most sales managers know, goal setting can take a considerable amount of time and setting effective sales goals is one of the most important sales motivation tools in their management toolbox.

GetScorecard has a sales goals & targets module that make setting a range of goals or targets for different sales groups easy.  We have created an easy to understand wizard that gives you a number of target types and examples.  Choose between targeting Total Sales Revenue, Total Sales Profit, Product Unit Sales, Product Category or Order Type.

So if you just looking for ideas or sales goals examples, take a test drive free of charge.

In addition to our sales goals & targets module we also have a sales commission & compensation wizard that will automatically calculate the compensation due against the target you create.  Find our more  by visiting our Sales Commissions page.

If you are new to sales goals & targets we would be happy to discuss with you how our product could help with your sales team motivation – effective sales goals is a must have in any sales CRM, so reach out to us on our contacts page.

To find out more and for a free trial click here.

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