Sales CRM Features

User Management

From the settings panel you have full control over what each user can do.

The system allows you to build templates with different access levels. The template can then be allocated to a user to set their access permissions.

Easy to use CRM user management

Automated Tasks

A powerful feature of GetScoredcard is the ability to set tasks to be automatically created as a result of an event.

Automation is driven by New Contacts, New Deals, Pipeline Stage Move, Product Purchased and Customer value changed.


Each of the modules: company, people, products, leads and opportunities can be customized to your business requirements.

You can create custom fields for all modules.  They can then be added to the List View which is table view for easy search and sorting.  You can also add the field the Filter View which means you can quickly filter on specific values within a particular field.

An example field might be Opt Out of Mailing List” and then you can filter on the No values very easily.


Adding tags to a record is a powerful way of segmenting information in GetScorecard. Tags can be added to any record in the Tasks, Companies, People or Product modules.

Automated tasks can be created for tags.

A task can be created for every record tagged as a Key Account, which requires the Account Manager to make contact with the customer.

File & Document Manager

Any record in a module can have a file uploaded and associated with it. This allows documents to be kept securely in one place for easy reference and access.

The Recycle Bin allows you to rescue files that have been deleted.


Manage your own calendar and events, but also have a view on shared calendars.  Get popup alerts and email reminders sent out to ensure you never miss an appointment.

Product Catalog

You are able to load your full product data base into GetScorecard.

You can set:

Product Name, Product Category, Sales Price, Cost Price, Margin and Tax

When building opportunities you can add products to create the value for the opportunity.  Notes and files can be attached to products.