Sales Commission Software

Sales commission goes hand in hand with Sales Goals & Targets.  Setting sales commission plans and calculating the commission due to your sales teams can consume hours a month, which is why GetScorecard has developed an extremely easy to use sales commission software.

On completing the targets module you can go Sales Commission Softwarestraight into the commission wizard and build complex and effective commission structures.  The tool is intuitive in that it know what type of commission you will want to pay based on the target structure, you can then build flat or tiered commission schemes.

Commission can be paid as fixed amount, as a % of sales revenue, a % of sales profit or even a prize. It really depends on what you have set up as the target.  Calculating the commission could not be any more simple – select the target and the report is generated for all individuals that have that target applied.

We are one of the very few sales CRM systems that have sales commission software built into it.  Because GetScorecard was designed by sales directors, we know what is important to sales teams and sales managers.

If you are new to sales commission software we would be happy to discuss with you how our product could help with your sales team motivation – an effective sales goals setting capability is a must have in any sales CRM, so reach out to us on our contacts page.

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