Customer Health Score

An integral part of our CRM is the Customer Health Score.  Everyone agrees with the business principle that it is 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one, right?  Well, in our experience this is most certainly true, therefore we attach a customer health score to all your customers.

We use multiple touch points and customer behaviour to calculate this health score.  Everything from the various types of communication, surveys which use net promoter scoring, buying behaviour and even revenue monitoring.Customer Health Score

The health score is also very useful to sales in making sales forecasting decisions.  A customer with a high health score is far more likely to convert than a customer with a very low score.

As part of our sales auto tasking module, if a health score drops below a certain value then you can trigger tasks to take action, so that no unhappy customers will go unnoticed and slip through the cracks.

The health score is displayed as a graph and the score is represented as a number between 0 and 100, 100 being the most satisfied of customers.  The score is tracked over a period of 12 months, so you can see if the score is going up or down.

Customer Health Score is unique to GetScorecard and will help you improve your customer satisfaction levels and help sales increase conversion rates.

GetScorecard Customer Health Values