GetScorecard is a highly sophisticated CRM with many features that have been developed over time.  If you are looking for something like GetScorecard, but realise it doesn’t quite fit your current requirements, we can create a custom version for you.

Why choose a Custom CRM System?

  • Your exact requirements -no more, no less
  • Integrates better with your current website and other applications
  • Escape expensive monthly pricing levels
  • Have the right features and controls for the right departments

Off the shelf systems can often be complex and confusing with lots of features that you don’t need and most problematic, not having features that you do need.  The more difficult a system is to use or to navigate around, the less likely your staff are going to use it in the day to day.  If the system is made to your specification and works in just the way you want your staff are far more likely to use it everyday.

We are able to deliver custom Getscorecard solutions.  We are not limited to customising Getscorecard, but can create a completely new CRM system from the ground up.  Ensuring that you have the system that is made 100% to fit your business.

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