Turn Contact Form 7 into a full CRM

The Problem

Email is not the most effective way to capture reusable information from your Contact Form 7 forms.

The Solution

GetScorecard solves this problem by creating a contact from every new person that submits a form.

Enquires can be put straight into your piepline so you can manage them by drag and drop through all your business stages.

Contact Form 7 is a a very easy plugin to use in your WordPress site to set up contact forms.  Now you can extend its power into a full Contact, Sales and Production Management system.

Once you install the Getscorecard plugin for Contact Form 7, your forms will create new contacts in Getscorecard.

In GetScorecard you can

Manage your correspondent through integrated email.

Put order enquiries striaght into your sales pipeline.

Manage orders through your process stages by drag and drop

Add notes and tasks to orders to get them completed faster.