In Pursuit of the 98% Rule in 21st Century CRMs

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98 percent rule in CRMs

Kelly’s comments above reflect the key difference in “wants” and “needs” between a small business startup and an enterprise: Instant Gratification. The revolution in cloud computing personified by Wix, Dropbox, WordPress, YouTube, Mail Chimp, Grasshopper and a number of other virtual platforms that allow one-click installation and use has made users spoilt in the Internet age. And, deservedly so after … Read More

The Real Cost of Customer Churn

Jason StevensCRM, customer churn

Customer Churn

As a sales manager has your sales force identified valuable customers in your database likely to switch to a rival? If your answer is no, it’s understandable: Finding and implementing a CRM that allows you reduce customer churn is extremely challenging, especially as you pursue broader wish lists encompassing sales pipelines, opportunities, tasks and reporting. In particular industries such as … Read More