In Pursuit of the 98% Rule in 21st Century CRMs

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98 percent rule in CRMs

Kelly’s comments above reflect the key difference in “wants” and “needs” between a small business startup and an enterprise: Instant Gratification. The revolution in cloud computing personified by Wix, Dropbox, WordPress, YouTube, Mail Chimp, Grasshopper and a number of other virtual platforms that allow one-click installation and use has made users spoilt in the Internet age. And, deservedly so after … Read More

Are Health Scores the New Nirvana in Cloud CRMs?

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Customer Health Score in GetScorecard

The right information too late is useless, a fundamental reason why CRM software has assumed mandatory positions in large corporations over the last 20 years, and why small businesses continue to adopt it at ever increasing rates. CRM software loosely holds the promise of company-wide reporting to keep managers at every level informed about sales performance and what steps need … Read More