The Cold, Hard Truth About Sales Commissions

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Sales Commissions

While GetScorecard is one of the few CRM systems that offer native commission software, we pay careful attention to alternative modes of motivating and compensating sales staff that personify the competitive environment in the UK, Europe and the United States, especially with some sectors reporting talent shortages. As Accenture summarily puts it “When it comes to motivating people toward great … Read More

In Pursuit of the 98% Rule in 21st Century CRMs

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98 percent rule in CRMs

Kelly’s comments above reflect the key difference in “wants” and “needs” between a small business startup and an enterprise: Instant Gratification. The revolution in cloud computing personified by Wix, Dropbox, WordPress, YouTube, Mail Chimp, Grasshopper and a number of other virtual platforms that allow one-click installation and use has made users spoilt in the Internet age. And, deservedly so after … Read More

The Future of CRM for both big and SMALL companies

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The future of CRM

CRM software revenue is forecast to reach $23.9 billion in 2014, with cloud revenue accounting for 49 percent. SaaS- or cloud-based CRM deployments currently represent more than 40 percent of all CRM deployments, and look set to reach 50 percent during 2015. In addition, leading commentators predict that the next evolution in CRM design will encompass automatic lead generation effectively … Read More

The Real Cost of Customer Churn

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Customer Churn

As a sales manager has your sales force identified valuable customers in your database likely to switch to a rival? If your answer is no, it’s understandable: Finding and implementing a CRM that allows you reduce customer churn is extremely challenging, especially as you pursue broader wish lists encompassing sales pipelines, opportunities, tasks and reporting. In particular industries such as … Read More

Small Business Survival Tool Kit

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Small Business Survival Tool Kit

It’s a stunning set of statistics: 50% of the UKs GDP comes from SMEs while 50% of all new startups fail.   While leading entrepreneurs such Theo Paphitis, a star on the BBC Show, Dragons’ Den, claim the main reason arises because “entrepreneurs do not do their homework,” it could also be argued there is a failure to identify ground-breaking cloud … Read More

How To Automate the Lead Capture Process For Small Businesses

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Automate lead capture

While the goal is admirable, the implementation can be treacherous and costly, usually entailing the purchase of CRM software to lay the foundations for such a venture. Automating the lead capture process is perhaps the simplest and most crucial area to focus on initially, since it saves several hours of work per week in manual data entry.   Putting aside your … Read More

Fighting Customer Churn with CRM Performance Graphs

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Get Smart CRM Performance Graphs

There is one phrase from the Enterprise lexicon that is being adopted at ever-increasing rates by small business sales managers: Customer churn. With the rise of the Internet and cloud computing, sales managers are presented with both risk and reward in the form of increased competition and on-demand software that allows them to revolutionize their sales pipeline. Unfortunately while competition … Read More

Can New CRM Startups Redefine the Sales Pipeline for Managers?

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Sales Pipeline Getscorecard

The problem it seems for many small businesses and larger companies, is the tension between time spent on forecasting versus monitoring the actual heath of your sales pipeline, which can mean the gain or loss of an extra 14% in revenue according to Forbes Magazine. Further, surveys by the Sales Management Association reveal that less than a third of companies … Read More

Peer Pressure: How Does it Work in GetScorecard?

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CRM Sales Force Competition

The eternal, albeit tired, phrase “competition is good for business,” is perhaps even more applicable to your internal sales force, as you move your startup or small business into new growth opportunities in the period following the New Year. As a sales leader you are probably heavily focused on new sales, customer retention and helping your sales force identify the … Read More

How Bank Security has Influenced Cloud CRMs

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Banking Security in GetScorecard CRM

Modern banks face the greatest challenge on the Internet today: How to protect their transactions from unauthorized access without preventing the right users from getting swift access to the right data. Because of this, they are often at the leading edge of exploring advances in server, datacentre and cloud technology. Many of the advances they have made in recent years … Read More